Fast Food Hunger
Fast Food Hunger - Inventory Management Game - 7th edition
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It was the year 2008 when Fast Food Hunger, the management and simulation game first came into being. Earlier known as Bell the Bull in its initial version, it was first organised during Genesis 2008, an annual festival of FORE School of Management, New Delhi. Bell the Bull, itself suggest complexity and difficulty level of the game. In second version, it was renamed as Fast Food Hunger and came up with some more excitement features.

It is now 6th year in 2013 that this game is being organised and what a journey it has been over these years.
Every year I have tried to come up with new features and more excitement factors in it. Game went social with Facebook and a Blog in its 3rd version. The 3rd version also saw lifelines added to it to match it with reality.

Over the years I have received much appreciation from every one who has played this game. The response has been overwhelming.
I would like to thank faculty members and students who have extended support in conceptualizing the game and organising it every year. I have tried to incorporate their valuable suggestions along with suggestions from our players. I would like to thank them for making Fast Food Hunger a game it is today.

  • 2008
    • The simulation game came into being as a final round of Bell the Bull with game played on college intranet.
    • Under guidance of Prof. Vivek Kumar (Faculty, FORE School of Management), and with support of students organising the game
  • 2009
    • The game renamed to Fast Food hunger, was organised as an event of FORETech committee where students of FORE School of Management competed against each other.
    • Under guidance of Prof. Kaushik Paul (Faculty, FORE School of Management) game was given a touch of automation
    • As a management game, it was organised a class session for WMG (FSM) under supervision of Prof. Upendra Kachru. Some basic conceptual changes were done under his guidance.
    • Later this year during Genesis 2009 (annual fest of FORE School of Management), it was conducted once again as an event of FORETech at all India level. It saw a huge response from all leading B-Schools of India with everyone enjoying the game.
  • 2010 - 2012
    • and thereafter every year, Fast Food Hunger is being conducted as a part of Genesis, annual festival of Fore School of Management being conducted by Team FORETech.
  • 2013
    • Fast Food Hunger is back again this season as a part of annual function of FSM conducted by Team FORETech. Have added few support questions to better understand the game.
  • 2014
    • Fast Food Hunger is back again this season as a part of annual function of FSM conducted by Team FORETech.

Kunal Bansal
Administrator & Creator