Fast Food Hunger
Fast Food Hunger - Inventory Management Game - 7th edition
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Please read the instructions carefully. You can refer to this information at any time during the game but it will cost you time.

How to???

  • You need to open your shop with the Manager Code and Key provided
  • Game would run over 15 simulated days
  • There could be differential time for which each day will remain open (It will be displayed for each day)
  • Ranks are displayed (update every few moments) and there upon you can decide on your future strategy
  • Remember to read various messages carefully that are displayed
  • Demand shown on the dashboard is for the current day
  • Supply received (for the day) would be shown
  • Inventory (Stock in hand) would be displayed on dashboard
  • Overall profitability would be calculated and displayed on dashboard (It does not include Misc. charges)
  • Everyday you would be asked to order for next day
  • You need to enter the order for the next day before the Shop Closes for the day (Otherwise order will be taken as 0)
  • Once ordered for a day, the order can't be changed
  • When you are using Life Lines you also need to enter the Order
  • On next day you will get a dashboard showing number of customers (that had arrived for the day)
  • Discounts will be valid only for the day(s) when they are offered
  • Misc. Charges will be displayed and a positive misc. charges means that the amount will be deducted from your overall profit/loss and a negative misc. charges means that amount will be added to your overall profit/loss
  • Graph shows your past orders and Profit/Loss (overall)

Below you can see a sample snapshot of dashboard. Information about dashboard is explained below.
Sample Dashboard

  1. It shows your current rank
  2. Current day along with Day Name (e.g. Sunday)
  3. Life Lines (there are some life lines that can be used)
  4. A Life Line (a checkbox means that Life Line is available) is listed along with its charges (e.g. Rs. 500). Check this box to use this Life Line and also enter items in the order form also
  5. An item which you need to Order and Sell
  6. Supply received for an item which you have ordered (It may or may not be 100%)
  7. It is stock in hand at the start of current day (i.e. at the start of Day 5 you have 97 units as stock in hand for Sandwich, it includes carryover and supply received)
  8. It shows the demand for current day
  9. You need to place an order for next day (i.e. Day 6)
  10. Here you need to enter some order (it should be a Whole Number)
  11. Click this button to place an order
  12. It shows your overall Profit/Loss till the current day (It does not include misc. charges). This also inlcude Opportunity loss. Opportunity loss occur when you are not able to fulfill demand.
  13. These are misc. charges (i.e. Life Lines and some cash back)
  14. A countdown showing in how much time shop for the current day will be closed. You need to place an order before the close of the day otherwise it will be taken as 0
  15. These are messages that are being displayed every day. These are important messages and will help you in making decisions
  16. Your order details shows a Graph where you can see your past ordered quantity and Overall Profit/Loss

Remember your objective is to maximize profit